February 19, 2008 General 1

No Krakana: Stumbling through a Tuesday
Most folks just don’t want to accept the fact that the new Knight Rider is a very well done and thought out sequel to the original. I think the hangup is that it is a Mustang instead of a T/A. They would have a valid argument if GM did not cancel the camaro/Firebird/TA series. Frankly I think the new K.I.T.T rocks and i think the casting is well done. I will watch every episode then if it’s not picked up i’ll buy the dvd the instant it comes out..or find a rip on the net. I like this show and frankly the critics need to open their minds a bit instead o whining over the past.

Some of the criticism includes it’s a ford advertisement. Well DUH! The original series was a TA advertisement. There is multiple shots of the cobra logo and whatnot..maybe that angle is a bit over the top but it’s well done. The weekly series needs some tweaks but all in all it’s a good sequel to the original. Let’s see if it gets picked up.

There’s a very active forum talking about the new pilot.

*update* Kidan points out another series of issues with folks complaining bout the storyline and acting. Honestly when Knight rider first started it was pretty corny but evolved very rapidly. I don’t expect K.I.T.T. to be anything than what he was at first. The original K.I.T.T. did not have a “personality” until well into the first season. I’m thinking it will be the same here(unless Val isn’t able to talk with any kind of personality). I still think it was a good pilot..if it gets picked up then i’ll give it a chnace to gel..:)