August 20, 2009 General 1

Substation is not suitable for anyone’s neighborhood.

There’s one thing these folks constantly neglect to mention..we are part of hte PJM interconnect.  Sure while this line(PATH) does not DIRECTLY sned power to Frederick County it can because we are part of hte interconnect.  That power fomr kempvillle can be rerouted back here if it is needed as per the regulations put forth by the PJM Interconnct.  So this power WOULD srever Frederick county.

Substation is not suitable for anyone’s neighborhood

Certain industrial projects and infrastructure are not suitable in residential areas. Allegheny Energy’s proposed PATH 765kV “Kemptown” substation is one of those projects.

It is absurd that the largest, highest voltage electric substation ever built be constructed in the middle of 1,300 Frederick County homes.

Industrial projects like this vast substation should be built near interstate highways, in industrial zones, or in extreme rural locations.

For anyone to conclude that this is a case of “Not in My Backyard” I would argue that this 765kV substation should not be anywhere near anyone’s backyard!

If a person is not willing to protect the rights of their own family and neighbors, who will? To accuse someone of NIMBY is to encourage apathy and discourage residents from engaging in issues that directly affect them.

By Allegheny’s own admission, more than 80 percent of energy this proposed Frederick County substation will generate will go to power New York City and New Jersey.

I love Frederick County. I have lived here for more than 37 years. I will fight this for my family and my neighbors’ families and would encourage you to do the same.

Chris Krivos, Mount Airy