December 15, 2017 Christianity Faith Family Finance Job Stuff 0

THANK GOD!  I had 1.5 months of nearly ZERO income due to my having to effectively shutdown my business and then having my start date pushed back a month…however I have my first paycheck…and i am glad i can look forward to more of them.  now if you look at just the raw number..i am getting paid 36 dollars an hour on a raw basis.  That’s not the whole story though.  The benefits are highly significant..and i get paid twice a month.  December is going to go form drought to overflowing in a hurry.  I have this paycheck($1995) the girls social security($2400 on the 4th wed of the month so the 27th of this month) quickly followed by another paycheck(@2100) on the 31st of this month.  All in all I’ll have close to 7k by the end of December.  This will be my monthly income until may when alessa turns 18..then the social security gets cut to $1400.  Still..this is a ton of money.  I also have to realize that right now this is only a one year hitch.  If the contract that spawned my job gets renewed so will my job.  One year at a time.  I have to hold up my end of the bargain and tithe appropriately…which i WILL do.  Two things in the bible that God has said in the bible that he routinely proves are the following:

  1.  What the locusts take I will restore for those who are faithful
  2. re: tithing.  Test me and see if i don’t open up the silos of heaven for you.

number two i have witnessed over and over and over again.  Number one just got shown to me in a big big way this month.  I have had a lot of locusts in my life since heather died…i am witnessing the restoration of what they have taken.  Me and the girls are going out to a good steakhouse in Frederick tonight to celebrate God’s blessing.  I cannot wait to see what comes with my flood of tithing that is about to hit WTHU…:)