December 15, 2017 Uncategorized 0

For the few that can see these private posts allow me to explain something.  I am not confident in facebook’s “privacy” controls.  i will put things i do not want getting back to my employer(either good or bad) or anyone else.  If you are able to see this you are one of a very fee trusted individuals that i trust to keep what i put in these private pages confidential.  I am slow to trust and quick to revoke.  There are some of my own family members that do not have access to this area…and for those who know me I am VERY dedicated to my family.  If i have family that cannot get in here I hope that conveys the level of trust.  If you comment do not comment on Facebook..comment here.  If you can’t it has either been more than 60 days or i forgot to turn it on.  Let me know and I’ll fix it..:)