May 5, 2005 General 0

WorldNetDaily: Congressman calls Cheney ‘a– kisser’: “When asked what Bush was trying to accomplish on Social Security, Moran replied: ‘He wants to dismantle a program that defines what the Democrats are proudest of. That’s what this is about. The Republicans ? almost all of them ? opposed Social Security when it was proposed by Franklin Roosevelt. Almost all of them opposed Medicaid. They voted against Medicare in 1965. So these are programs that provide a safety net for the poor and I think the Republicans basically resent the poor and they figure if we can get the poor investing in the stock market, maybe they’ll start thinking like Republicans. God help us.'”

Of course they did. Back then the repubs were actual conservatives. Medicaid and Social security are communist in nature using wealth redistribution. Now those programs are not going to go away as long a the republicrats and demopublicans are in power due to so many folks dependant on the gov’t which was FDR’s intention in the first place.

It is interesting Moran says Bush resents the poor when many reports and quotes have shown the contempt the Demopublicans have for the very poor they claim to be the champions of.