May 9, 2005 General 0

Have to love it. From the side of “tolerance” comes this. At least he got an A for the paper but the liberalism shown here is amazing. Do not blindly let your children just pick any college these days.

Teaching Student Expelled, Erasing the Hate

Monday, May 09, 2005

By Scott Norvell

The New York Sun says a grad student was deemed unfit to teach and kicked out of his program after he expressed skepticism about multicultural education and support for corporal punishment in the classroom.

With the backing of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Scott McConnell is now suing Le Moyne College (search) of Syracuse, N.Y., for violation of his First Amendment rights.

As part of a class devoted to promoting “inclusive classrooms,” McConnell wrote a paper saying: “I do not feel that multicultural education has a philosophical place or standing in an American classroom, especially one that I will teach. I also feel that corporal punishment has a place in the classroom and should be implemented when needed.”

He got an A on the paper, but it was forwarded to the director of the graduate education program, Cathy Leogrande (search), who subsequently expelled him from the Master’s program.

“I have grave concerns regarding the mismatch between your personal beliefs regarding teaching and learning and the Le Moyne College program goals,” Leogrande said.