May 9, 2005 General 0

Here we go. Check this out for the REALID scam. This was never even debated..nor put on the open floor. It was attached to an Iraq appropriations bill. If REALID is so harmless that even the major conservative bloggers are blindly fawning over it…then why was it never even brought to either floor?

Yoohoo! Major bloggers! This is not the time to be me-too and blindly following the republicrats and demopublicans.

Bruce Schneier weighs in on how REALID is not going to do anything but increase the insecurity of our citizens. Of course many Americans simply do not care enough anymore to even read these things…much less do anything about it. WAKE UP!!!!!!

I disagree with Bruce on one point,”REAL ID also prohibits states from issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. This makes no sense, and will only result in these illegal aliens driving without licenses — which isn’t going to help anyone’s security. (This is an interesting insecurity, and is a direct result of trying to take a document that is a specific permission to drive an automobile, and turning it into a general identification device.)”
Illegal aliens should never never never get any kind of national ID or even state id since social services is tied to this. Giving them an SSN is also a bad bad bad thing.

Remember this post? Unfortunatly many of the large blogs that refused to cover it beforehand are now fawning over it. On the outside it says it will close immigration loopholes and force proper ids. However once you get under the hood is when the true nature of this act is apparent. We do not need more laws like RealID. We have sufficient laws on the books for immigraiton situations. What we really need is for those laws to be enforced. Passing more laws is not the answer. The answer is to contact the president and all of your elected officials and tell them to properly fund and staff our border patrol and supplement them witht the national guard units currently overseas. It is really that simple.

Vox Day also amply criticizes Bush and REALID as well. Vox starts off talking about a pastor that expelled members simply for not supporting G.W. Bush and goes on from there. Great article.