May 3, 2005 General 0

Vox Day has this exactly right and I quote his post in full:
“This is why Republicans and Democrats must abandon their parties now in favor of any party that rejects the abandonment of American sovereignty. Both Republicans and Democrats are absolutely committed to the American Union, a New World imitation of the sovereign bureaucratic superstate.

Ignorance will not be an excuse. You are being warned now. If you support George W. Bush or if you support Hillary Clinton, you are selling your nation, your Constitution and your liberties in exchange for well-fed serfdom.”

Get out of the republicrat and demopublican parties while you still have some national sovereignty left. Vox subscribes to the libertarian. I support the Constitution party.

Here an exceprt of the town hall colum by Phyllis Schlafly:

European Union a model for the demise of democracy
Phyllis Schlafly

May 2, 2005

The European ruling elite is having a collective nervous breakdown for fear the French will vote on May 29 and to reject the European Union constitution. Eleven opinion polls indicate it is likely that democracy could upset the power-seeking politicians’ undemocratic plans.

Politicians and bureaucrats who dream of world government – or at least continental government to be run by a commission of technocrats who think they are wiser than ordinary people – have progressed a long way toward their goal, starting with the European Coal and Steel Community in 1952, then the European Economic Community in 1958 and then morphing it into the current European Union in 1993. The sovereignty and self-government of nation-states were bypassed in a series of very undemocratic, deceptive maneuvers, and the new EU constitution is expected to lock the system into place.

Some leaders in the British Conservative Party are trying to alert their countrymen to the folly of what Britain has already accepted by joining the EU. The British have given up their basic right to elect and dismiss those who make their laws, principles for which millions of Englishmen have fought and many have died.

And to whom did the British give these hard-won rights of a free people? To bureaucrats former Prime Minister of England Margaret Thatcher labeled as the paper-pushers in Brussels.

The EU Council of Ministers in Brussels now has effective control of all areas of commerce, industry, social and labor policy, the environment, agriculture, fish and foreign trade. Since Britain has only 11 1/2 percent of the votes, and it takes 30 percent to block a new law, the British Parliament must obey the Brussels bureaucrats or face unlimited fines imposed by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.