May 20, 2005 General 0

To ‘save jobs’ Well it’s not hard to see the left leaning here in this title is it? The Gazette is a subsidiary of the Washington Post so this is not surprising.

I quote the article:
The Fair Share Health Care bill, dubbed “the Wal-Mart bill” by opponents, would force employers of 10,000 or more to spend at least 8 percent of their payroll on health care or pay the difference directly to the state. The tax penalty, strongly supported by the unionized grocer Giant Food, is believed to apply to only Wal-Mart.

Well I must say I am pleased to see this. A ray of hope from Ehrlich. The leftists and unions are going to whine over this. This bill was soley aimned at Wal-mart.

Of course Giant wants it. Their labor costs due to the union contracts are outrageous.

“It’s sad, but not surprising, that a governor who accepts campaign money from Wal-Mart would choose corporate subsidies over health care for children and families,” AFL-CIO spokeswoman Christy Setzer said. “The Fair Share bill would have forced big companies like Wal-Mart to accept responsibility for their employees’ health care. It’s reprehensible that a company with $10 billion in profits chooses to cut corners where it counts most.”

Unions are scam artists. How much money do they embezzle from their members and funnel them to political lobbies? almost 100%.

Another quote:
“This bill directly threatens jobs and economic development in Maryland,” he said. “This irresponsible legislation sends a terrible message to employers who consider relocating and creating jobs in Maryland. This tax could cost our Eastern Shore hundreds of jobs in the foreseeable future and put thousands more at risk statewide if other large employers move out of Maryland to avoid new taxes.”

Had this bill passed as soon as my business got big enough i would have moved it out of the state.