May 9, 2005 General 0

Congratulations to Jacquelyn. One thing i want to address:

“Before the election, she said if re-elected she would work to improve the town?s water-pressure problems,”

The issue there is Rosemont is served by the Brunswick pumping station that is probably over 60 years old and draws from the potomac river that serves everything pretty much east of City Hall. Much of this will be addressed with the massive rebuilding of Brunswick’s entire sewage and water infrastructure as mandated by the annexation agreement that is going to bring Brunswick Crossing online. Frankly i see no reason to replace anything in Rosemont right now until the water pumping and sewage treatment plants are replaced which so far is on schedule. The east side will then have pressure comparable to the west side since we are served by a spring in washington county.

I also have issues with rosemont’s handling of another land issue..but that is another post.