February 24, 2007 General 0

This past week, a federal judge in Massachusetts issued a ruling stating that the Board of Education (seemingly in Boston) was well within its rights to hand out material supporting same-sex teaching in public schools. Parents of the school children filed a law suit last year contending that the schools were violating their religious freedoms by such material.

The judge ruled that the schools can teach anything that allows children to become productive members of society. In this case, I am left to wonder how homosexuality is productive to our society. Homosexuals have cost this country thousand and probably millions of dollars (and hours) in law suits to promote an unnatural union. Law suit after law suit has been files to promote their agenda or fight against those who do not support their agenda. How is wasting time and money productive? Homosexual couples, regardless of their love for one another, cannot produce a human being. Members of the opposite sex are needed for reproduction of the species. So how are their unions productive?

It was also stated in the judge’s ruling that America is built on diversity. In thinking back to my years of studying history, I can’t recall ever reading or hearing that sentiment. I have heard America referred to as the melting pot, where all peoples come together as a unified force – blend into one nation. The other side is equally confusing. If diversity is to be celebrated, then why must Christians suffer through an education that is contradictory to their beliefs. Perhaps diversity (and tolerance for that matter) are okay when it serves the purpose of those promoting a controversial agenda.

The school system contended that the book was used to teach children about the world in which we live. Let’s see… the world in which I live has productive members of society working towards a unifying goal. If the schools need material to teach about the world in which we live, perhaps some stories about historical figures who fought to create the United States of America. Or maybe books that teach the students about rain and clouds, the seasons, how does snow form, what makes a peacock raise his beautiful tail…. I could go on. There is plenty of wonder within the world, possibly field trip opportunities too, without having to dive into topics that elementary school students really don’t need to know.

The lawyer for the families stated they will appeal the ruling. I pray that they receive a victory

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