March 21, 2007 General 1

Don’t do it for long term..say over a month or two and then no more than a few hours a day..and definitely don’t go more than 10-20 hours a week for that short time.. Even fellow Christians get comfy with it and forget you don’t actually work are a volunteer and they forget the respect and care that goes into not only getting volunteers but keeping them. I have 3 hugely long-term projects that i have been deeply involved in. I just completely resigned from one…another ends on Friday..and a third while it doesn’t fully end it gets cut back by 90% in a couple of weeks.

I ha a volunteer career going there for a while. My wife and family bore the brunt of my time that was eaten up by my volunteer career. That career is now gone and i can focus on what matters the wonderful family that God has given me..:)