February 1, 2005 General 0

Well the national elections of the last 8
years have shown the world how to try to use
the courts to usurp the electorate’s wishes.
I was rather glad i live in this small 6k
population town..hoping that being a small
town would at least lend itself to playing
fair. Alas, the play is fraud here to.
Apparently, a supporter of another candidate
is going around to the elderly and illegally
soliciting their votes. Let me explain:
The supporter is going to the these homes
and asking these folks if they wish to vote.
They say yes and sign a form authorizing this
individual to pick up an absentee ballot for them.
What the supporter does after getting like 10 of
these forms is to go to city hall and grab the ballots.
This is not illegal. The part that is illegal is the
supporter then instructs the voters to vote for
the candidate this person supports. That is the
illegal part.

Sure in the grand national scheme of things it is minor.
Here in Brunswick, MD though this is major. It saddens
me that folks would even stoop to such levels. I hope
that the candidate who is having their votes illegally
boosted in this way put an end to it without the other
candidates having to take it to court.

Well it turns out that City Hall is unwilling or cannot do anything
about this. They say that as long as the request for
an absentee ballot is properly filled out and signed then
the ballot is allowed to leave. The vote is considered valid
if the absentee ballot comes back properly filled out irregardless
of how that vote was garnered. It seems voting fraud is now the
norm instead of the exception until we get a major overhaul of the
entire voting system’s laws. Well so far the fraudulent vote count is
known to be about 40. Hopefully exposing this fraud will stop it.

*Update #2*
I just found out absentee ballots have to be submitted to City Hall by 4:30
P.M. EST. Hopefully this will mitigate the voting inflation going on.