February 15, 2005 General 2

Want a national ID card with embedded technology that means you can be tracked anywhere you go? It is on the way if this Real ID Act goes through. The House has already passed it…the Senate will..and Bush intends to sign it(Bush is pushing it). This may be a no-no in the blogger world but this is important to me so i am going to link back to a previous post. Want to know what is interesting? Some of the biggest blogs are not covering this. BTW, here is a list of the liberties we have lost so far under Bush. With Real ID expect this list to go much further. Also, more of our sovereignty will go away if the LOST treaty is signed. This will give the UN control over all of the world’s oceans and give the UN the ability to tax all shipping. Of course the biggest taxes will be paid by us. Please please wake up and see that the republicans and dems are no different right now. I am ashamed to say Bush had me hoodwinked in his first 4 years. If you value this country, vote for a party based on the constitution . Also vote for someone who is a constitutional scholar and believe the constitution is not a living document meant to be translated how you will..but as the words are literally put on the page. That man is Michael Anthony Peroutka. Even if you disagree with me, fully research your candidate. Do not let the press of any kind tell you. Bush has the conservatives snowed badly. Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who are willing to trade liberty for the sense of security deserve neither liberty nor security.” How true. I hope they all wake up before it is too late.

This is going to be an unpopular post I think. To clarify something. I would not have voted for Kerry and I did not vote for Clinton. I used to vote the lesser of the two evil(Repubs vs. Dems) but that is simply not valid as the two are strikingly similar.

*update 2*
BTW while we are trying to kill the above..let’s wipe out the Patriot act right now. Bush is trying to get it renewed as well. I have no confidence in Gonzalez being independant of Bush.
Quoting the Fox News article:

Gonzales, who has vowed to fight terror and confront injustice, was sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and is expected to fight to extend the sunsetting provisions created in part by his predecessor, John Ashcroft. Ashcroft attended the ceremony.

Gonzales also answered critics who have suggested he is too close to the president to protect interests of Americans from bad administration policies.

“Undeniably, the attorney general is a member of the president’s Cabinet, a part of his team. But the attorney general represents also the American people, and his first allegiance must always be to the Constitution of the United States,” he said.

You would expect this kind of double talk from the liberals. Wait the Republicans are liberals now, I almost forgot.

*update 3*
CNET catches the wave

*update 4*
The Patriot Act gets a bit of attention at Michelle Malkin. Still no mention of the National ID cards though.

*update 5*
Here is the official White House Statement

*commentary update*
I just realized something. When i first stumbled across this story I noticed it was because the liberals(or dems, actually the leftists) were screaming about the immigraiton portions. Only when i dug deeper did i find the truly frightening portions of this bill. It’s amazing how the leftists are all for the centralization of all of our information AND want to let the flow of illegals continue unabated.

*update 6*
More details on the Choicepoint breakin and Choicepoint’s links to the Homeland Security Dept.

NO mention on some of the biggest conservative blogs on the net including:
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