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Moxley, Walkersville may have deal for land

Originally published September 09, 2009

By Gina Gallucci-White

News-Post Staff

The Town of Walkersville may soon own the land that has caused it turmoil the past two years.

In a settlement recently reached in a religious discrimination lawsuit, the proposed purchase price of the 224 acres owned by David Moxley at 8939 Woodsboro Pike is about $4.7 million.

A written signed settlement has not been reached between Moxley and the town, said Gloria Long Rollins, town manager. Town attorney David Severn, reached by e-mail, said he cannot discuss the settlement because it has not been signed.

An ordinance at tonight’s town meeting will be introduced to appropriate funding for the purchase from the town reserves, Rollins said.

A public hearing will be held Sept. 23, and she was hopeful the written settlement will be completed by then.

Moxley’s attorney, Roman Storzer, could not be reached for comment.

In his dismissal of the suit, U.S. District Judge Richard Bennett said the case could be reopened if the settlement is not completed within 150 days.

Moxley filed a $16.5 million lawsuit in July 2008 when the town denied the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s request to build worship and recreational facilities on the land. The group had a contract with Moxley to buy the land pending the results of the Board of Appeals ruling.

The Ahmadiyya community decided not to appeal the decision and did not participate in the lawsuit.

Moxley claimed the town discriminated against the group because of its religion.

The board cited the more than a dozen factors it used to make its decision, including the availability of firefighting equipment, traffic and the orderly growth of the town. Religion was not cited as a factor. When religion was brought up in the 11-day hearings, the board stopped the discussion.

Staff writer Karen Gardner contributed to this report.

via The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper.

Oh man.  They had this one..then they screwed up.   It all started with them denying a large muslim retreat on zoning grounds. Moxley sued and even sued a citizens group that formed to oppose him.    Then Walkersville announced they would allow the banner school to do what they blocked the Muslim group from doing….and gave Moxley the ammo he needed to make this a religious bias suit.  Walkersville denied the banner schools application but it was too late.   Instead of it now being about his wanting the money(and showing his greed) Walkersville gave him the case on a silver platter.