September 28, 2009 General 0


Tax exemption is a function of the gov’t and with that comes many attachments including gov’t interference.  I ahve not heard of any in our church…yet…but with obama’s attitude coming more and more into the bright light so that NOONE can deny where he stands one question comes to mind:

Is it a good idea or even Biblical for a church of God to operate at hte pleasure of a manmade gov’t?  As this poster on says…no:

Churches should not be tax exempt

In regard to the Sept. 26 article “Dozens of pastors challenge IRS rules“: The issue is not how some 80 pastors are exercising their right to free speech, but that they have brought it upon themselves by getting in bed with the feds to obtain tax-exempt status. As Christians, we are not called to mix with the world or the government in such a way. If they complain about being hobbled, they have hobbled themselves.

The fix is simple: End their tax-exempt status, and they are free to preach whatever they like. However, many pastor won’t because they need the tax exemption to rake in the money. Shameful!

Here is an excellent article on this subject. It’s worth reading.