January 22, 2018 Job Stuff 0

I am growing to love this job.  Once i get the kids taken care of and off to school my interruptions are few and I can really get some work done.  Right now it is researching the documents provided by the client and working with my team to get the deliverable products done.  I just found out that my team supervisor is a believer…yeah!  So far she has seen the “worst” of me..my tendency to react quickly and voluminously with seeming random emotions.  Luckily for me, she is patient enough to guide my passions into where she needs them but not to stifle my ability to quickly size things up.  However instead of multiple small snippets she would like them put into a larger document…i’ll try..:)

The medical benefits are beyond outstanding.  However I think there are some disturbances within the company that I am not sure if the owners are aware or not.  The person who literally handed this job to me on a platter was supposed to be moving to a new, higher paying contract that he was supposed to be not only leading the team but also have a direct hand in hiring…didn’t turn out that way.  Instead he is stuck with the exact same pay he had before, the folks who were supposed to be his subordinates and who had less technical knowledge than him, got hired to higher paying, higher positions over him.  Needless to say, he is pissed and i have no doubt he is looking for another job after nearly 5 years at MBL Technologies.  I am going to hold my tongue(at his request) and will watch and see what happens.  If he leaves I might get queried about it..and i will tell the truth.  Eric(not the one in Va beach..that’s Erik…has already said if he finds another position he will bring me with him if he can.  That’s tantalizing..but we will see what the Lord says if that situation arises.