January 1, 2018 General 0

I was blessed with a loyal wife who honored the wedding vows we both took literally…until the day she died.  The newly signed tax law takes a further dig at men.  However since men are now being drained of all of their livelihood by the legal system this latest dig now has the “let’s drain them dry” crowd concerned.  why?

One of the changes in the new tax law involves the tax status of alimony. Previously the payor (men) could deduct the money they pay in alimony, and the payee (women) would have it taxed as income. Starting with divorces commenced after Dec 31 2018, alimony payments will be treated like child support payments have been. Men won’t be able to deduct the amount they pay from their income, and women won’t have to pay taxes on alimony received.

Now folks may be thinking this is a good thing…except that men financially are being drained dry through divorce and the subsequent alimony awards.  It has long been established that the legal system is highly slanted against men.  The defenders of this are not bothering to hide it now that their fleecing of men is almost universal.  This latest award however brings with it significant risks:

You would expect that the pro divorce lobby (nearly everyone) would be cheering this enhancement to the cash and prizes we offer as a reward to women who don’t honor their wedding vows.  However, the problem is ex husbands are already being bled white.  It has gotten so bad that the parasite is now expressing concern for the host.  All of the articles I could find on the subject object to the changes, not because they object to soaking men for women’s benefit, but because the change is seen as potentially hurting women.

There are many linked articles in the following linked post.  I would read them as well.  When the “parasites” are now concerned for their “hosts” you know the problem has reached a crescendo..at least in their eyes.  As usual though, by the time the “parasites” are raising alarms it is too late.  Men are checking out of even the though of getting married at an even quicker rate.  Many are checking out of relationships with women altogether and even more are finding ways to not be in individual private contact with women.  What is interesting is the course men are taking is actually very close to the Biblical standard for how men and women should interact.  it will be interesting to see how this latest turn of events plays out.