January 26, 2010 General 0

Well she thought it was a bad idea for me to do volunteer work in IT(which is why she doesn’t do it).  I have to say i agree.  I jsut had bad days at both sites i volunteer for and i am now seriously re-evaluating my volunteer status.

Location number 1:  I have been blown off several times leading to a fiasco(ongoing?) with the end of the year reporting.  I have also been stonewalled on various things we can do to improve operations(like bring mail in house) and WHEN the external mail servers drop(which they do often) I get queried on it.  I just today had to say..it’s not my issue…multiple times.  I then had to waste more than half an hour PROVING it’s not my issue.  This location so far has not come through with multiple promises of a large job I cannot physically handle on my own in terms of providing assistance.  With my experiences in IT I am not seriously considering withdrawing from another volunteer posistion due to the fact it’s a volunteer posistion inside of a division that literlaly has no active members…..sooo i am going to report to…nobody even though i am going to work within this overseeing division.  I ma not sure I want to even wade into that one.

Location 2:  Everything is an emergency…almost.  money is non-existent but sometimes you need to spend $$$ to do it right and not always go cheap.  today the head of the organization had the balls to tlel me he was pissed becuase I did not respond for over two hours.  Sorry bub,  I have PAYING clients i was handling.  This one is on final warning..i won’t take being addressed in that manner..especially in a volunteer posistion.

Now I have a third project that is going to consume my weekends for two months..i have gotten zero response back from the members on it.  God only knows how this one is going to work out.  This is probably my last year doing this for at least a year.

I fully intend to remove all IT volunteer positions within the year if things don’t change.  Consider this my “50 week” notice.

*note to first two organizations…if you want volunteers to hang around don’t 1. blow them off and 2. talk to them in a disrespectful manner like they are paid staff).