December 11, 2011 Family 0

The latest in my fatherly adventures. We got Alessa a kid friendly cell phone. We got back from Va Beach and the phone turned up missing. I nuked the phone and a search was undertaken. The phone has not been located…yet. Heather maintains it is inside the house. We’ll see. What’s kewl right now is i re-activated my old rumor touch for her that’s been sitting for at least a year. I replaced it because it was horridly unstable. I had called Sprint and they said LG informed them the phone has known issues so i got a nearly free phone(my current smartphone). Once i re-activated the rumor touch the phone informed me there was a firmware update available rated critical by LG and i should update the device. I ran the update..took about 10 minutes for all the reboots and refreshes…and so far it’s working better than new. We’ll see if Alessa can hang onto this one…and how long the touch remains stable..:)