July 2, 2008 General 0

Evangelicals say McCain’s the one
“The alternative is so bad we must support John McCain,” Phyllis Schlafly, founder and president of Eagle Forum, told the group, according to the bulletin.

“Our shared conservative evangelical values and our concern about judicial activism compelled us to unite around the presidential candidate who most closely aligns with us,” Staver said. “That candidate is obviously Sen. John McCain. United we will move forward to advance our values in the short- and long-term. We are committed to a transgenerational, multiethnic and multiracial conservative movement.”

All of these leaders are as decieved as they can be and this not be the grand deception that is coming by the anti-christ.  They are all deluded and are doing the lesser of two evils thing.  HOwever this quote applies to all of these so claled leaders and their fellow lemmings:

Continually supporting the lesser evil means you are a reliable servant of evil.
Vox Day