March 17, 2005 General 0

Talk about blowing the lid off things. This shows that Terri is being used to push the euthanasia agenda and terri’s husband is helping due to his long record of negelct and just wanting his wife whom he deems inconvienent out of the way. In any other context..this would be a murder for hire scheme. I wonder why law enformcement is not looking at this for what it is?

Kudos to the Captain’s Quarter’s for finding this gem.

To quote the captain, “Up to now, my inclination was to consider this an unfortunate case of dueling experts and bitter family feuding. Now I think this is something more. The people who want the feeding tube pulled all seem to have vested interests outside of Terri’s well-being — Cranford wants to push an agenda for euthanazing people who he finds inconvenient, and Michael Schiavo appears to have a long history of neglect, or at least disinterest in pursuing the proper testing for his wife’s condition.

As I wrote earlier, when in doubt, we should err on the side of life rather than death. As Father Johansen points out, grave doubts exist about Terri’s true condition. It seems almost perverse to insist on pulling out her feeding tube until the proper testing can be done, and if Schiavo won’t allow it, the court should demand it. A few more weeks to determine the real diagnosis of Terri Schiavo won’t hurt anyone, and might just save a life. Read the entire article — it’s lengthy but fascinating and horrifying. Don’t forget to check out the Schindlers’ web site, Terri’s Fight, for further updates.”