July 8, 2008 General 0

Well so far she is improving nicely.  I nearly wound up making an unscheduled stop at hte hospital yesterday when my wife told me the doctor who was present in the OR was on duty today.  Needless to say I don’t trust the man at all.  What made it funny is he started talking to Gen about the little one’s test results at birth…which of course we already knew about.  He was quite a useless font of nothingness.  I’ll be filing the complaint with our insurance company and the hospital after we get her out of the nicu.

Yesterday went well..breast feeding has started and she is setting her own schedule.  She is an amazing baby..she only cires when something is truly wrong..and once you fix it it’s like you hit the light switch..the crying stops that quickly.   Working is hard for me..i normally can just think about my job mowing grass..but right now i have to watch my time which constantly reminds me of what is going on.  This is a minor sacrifice if it means i can be there as quickly as possible once they release our daughter.  So far aside from Mr. nothingness the nicu experience has been excellent and things are continuing to progess well.  More updaes to come.