March 16, 2005 General 0

This woman decided to stand in front of a moving bulldozer in protest. It was her choioce to get herself killed. Now her parents are suing Israel and Caterpillar. While the grief over their daughter is grave…their lawsuits against Israel and Cat are frivolous at best and deserve to be thrown out. Their daughter made that choice that led to her demise.

Little Green Footballs has more on the story including hte frivolous lawsuit her parents have filed in retaliation for her daughter’s poor choice. World Net Daily’s Les Kinsolving comments, “De mortuis nil nisi bonum is that venerable Roman maxim which means: “Of the dead [say] nothing but good.”

That needs one additional word: “Of the honored dead say nothing but good.”

Otherwise, if our initial missiles fired into the city of Baghdad had killed Saddam Hussein, how could all obituaries truthfully say nothing but good?

Should we say nothing but good about a suicide bomber?

Should we say nothing but good about a young American from Washington state who was so anxious to help the suicide bombing Palestinians that she put herself in front of an armored Israeli bulldozer? She was in a position that was out of sight of the soldier-driver, who was unable to see her through the narrow openings and therefore ran over her, so she was dead-on-arrival at a hospital.

Her death was given worldwide coverage ? including a cartoon in the University of Maryland’s student newspaper, the Diamondback.

This cartoon, by Daniel Friedman, shows a bulldozer bearing down on a seated woman. Its caption was blunt ? but it might deter others from what this caption noted as: “STUPIDITY … SITTING IN FRONT OF A BULLDOZER TO PROTECT A GANG OF TERRORISTS.”