September 3, 2008 General 0

Checkout this older post from the blog

Read the last paragraph.  I was going through the archives for curiosities sake and came across this post.  That event was the culmination of a bad time for me and honestly it’s still hanging around.  Damping my enthusiasm for the very church I was very excited about…and has has also dampened my relationships within my church and with Christ.  Talking about conviction..I was an “infectious” Christian then.  Now i’m just wading through the one of the darkest times in my walk of faith.  My faith is not shaken and I know what awaits me when I joy about it here on earth has faded and that’s not good.  It was quite amazing when i looked back at that post and remembering that time and compared it to now.  It’s time I got right with God and get this ship called my household turned back into God’s wind…It’s going to be work..i want that enthusiasm again.

P.S. We still have thos chairs…:)