March 9, 2005 General 0

Well what do we have here?

Mr. Harrington is making a stink about the City’s mangement report and Audit report. He is leaving one major detail out…he knew about this report a full 6 months to a year before it was released and knew about its generation before that..while he was still on the City Council. This begs the question in my mind…why did he not raise cain while he was in office? He could have made statements or something during the meetings. I never heard a peep from him. However I will say I do not have direct inside knowledge about our inner workings at City Hall. I think; however, if things are as bad as he is flailing would have broke long before he resigned and started the hood winked site. Let’s see what happens at hte meeting. If Mr. Harrington shows up and asks some pointed questions that make sense I might gain more respect for him. If he simply shows up making accusations based on evidence he already knew about…makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Now then if the Council starts the usual PC huffing and puffing and smokescreening..then it is going to be interesting. I am going to watch this one.