September 25, 2008 General 0 – 11 Children, Including Family of 9, Abandoned – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News
Nine of the children came from one family. The six boys and three girls were left by their father, who was not identified, at Creighton University Medical Center’s emergency room. Unrelated boys ages 11 and 15 also were surrendered Wednesday at Immanuel Medical Center.

The law, which went into effect in July, initially was intended to protect infants. In a compromise with senators worried about arbitrary age limits, the measure was expanded to include the word “child,” which wasn’t defined. Some have interpreted this to mean anyone under the age of 19.

At least 14 children have been abandoned under the state’s safe haven law since it took effect.

Todd Landry, director of Health and Human Services’ division of Children and Family Services, said that in nearly every case, the parents who left their children felt overwhelmed and had decided they didn’t want to be parents anymore. None of the kids dropped off so far has been in danger, Landry said.

I totally forgot to lbog about this looming disaster.  You can simply decide you don’t want to be a parent and abandon your child(ren) on a lark.  So far these “parents” have done just that.