November 10, 2008 General 0

this is appropriate.  The only reason i am staying is because I have two lines locked in until 2010..after that i’m gone with all three of my lines.  every time i have even sneezed on my account sprint has screwed it up.  My latest adventure was a one month fiasco with my current phone having issues.  I wound up getting a new phone and the phone sucked..they screwed up the billing..couldn’t fix the issues with my account that prompted me to buy the new phone..and now i have $400 they have lost.  I wound up returning the my old phone(which is now working correctly) and returning to the way things were(i’m not on month-to-month.)  I’ll be heading to Verizon or ATT once my other two contracts expire.

*Update* i got my money back..finally.  I finally had to call the executive support line to have them fix my billing and get my money back..i also let those folks know what the issues were that i was having..what i had to do to fix them..and how i diagnosed the issues and not their techs.

Sprint Nextel Corp. watched another 1.3 million wireless subscribers head for its competitors during the third quarter, leading the company to post a loss that sent its stock skidding Friday. Dan Hesse, the Overland Park, Kan.-based company’s chief executive, told analysts that Sprint Nextel plans to work harder to attract new customers during the upcoming holiday season but acknowledged “we have yet to turn the corner.”

Sprint Nextel losing subscribers and money|ABC 7 News.