March 4, 2005 General 0

To quote Mr. Bush
“The only reason that I can think that they wouldn’t accept this is that there is a greed factor involved,” he said. “The longer this goes on, it will become transparent to people that this is all about unjust enrichment for a few well-connected Marylanders.”

sorry you have it backwards..the only need to approve this bill is greed.

quoting the article again,
Miller, meanwhile, said that the Frederick and Harford County locations would not work because they could never get zoning approval. The Frederick County Board of Commissioners has blasted slots in general and locating them in Frederick in particular. On Thursday, the commissioners began drafting a zoning amendment that would prohibit slot machines anywhere in the county.

yeppers…our county commisioners are actually listening to the folks here..unlike our state reps.