January 6, 2009 General 0

I quote the article:

Comcast’s first traffic throttling trigger is tripped by using more than 70 per cent of your maximum downstream or upstream bandwidth for more than 15 minutes.

Its second traffic throttling trigger is tripped when the Cable Modem Termination System you’re hooked-up to – along with up to 15,000 other Comcast subscribers – gets congested, and your traffic is somehow identified as being responsible.

so if you download..oh..a Linux distro and irregardless of if your cmts is loaded or not..they’ll throttle you down.  This is going to kill also businesses that have update server since they typically download gigs every month to feed out to clients. It appears the cap is residential only..the throttling is not specified as to either so it means both.

Now i am not going to be screaming for the gov’t tog et involved as this is a private matter..if the throttles get in my way i’ll jsut head back to verizon or over to other providers i ahve available to me.