January 27, 2009 General 0

krashpad: Expanding Thought Crimes Since ’09.

Obama’s racism is showing more.  First it started with the racist prayer..now his labor dept rep says the following:

The second thing that has been brought to light is that one Robert Reich, the 22nd Secretary of Labor and an Obama adviser, has gone before Congress stating that “professionals and white, male construction workers” are not the focus of the upcoming “stimulus” package which Obama is putting together.

Additionally, he states that those companies that do use funds from the stimulus package must hire those people either unwilling or unable to effectively work, therefore they are considered long-term unemployed, minorities or women.

Forget the concept of hiring the best person for a job, no, it’s more important that someone of the “right” skin tone has the position; and as evidenced by the Reverend Lowery’s prayer we all know that “white” isn’t right.

Quoted form the above linked post.  It’s going to be time for a revrse civil rights movement right fast…not like it wasn’t time for one a while back.