April 20, 2005 General 0

Our daughter came home form a weekend visitation with her biological mother with head lice. AFter spending 2.5 hours last night treating her and getting all bedding and clothes and whatnot isolated and prepared for washing we finally got her to bed. We had to trash all of her hairbands, schunchies, and a hairbrush. All in all we spent 30 bucks on the hair treatment and threw away another 50 in hair products. Last visitation she came back with a rash on her stomach, chest, and back from clothes she played dress up in that had not been properly laundered(if they had been laundered at all). On top of this we had to cancel a trip to Ohio we have been planning for 6 months. Also her grandmother(my wife’s mother) who lives in Baltimore 1.5 hours away has to be informed as well. So this has saved us 20 bucks( gas money for hte care) but cost us much more monetarily and emotinally. Alessa is not happy we are having to cancel not only the trip but her youth group tonight as well. I have to be quiet now since the rest of anything i type will simply be anger..:(