April 19, 2005 General 0

Bush’s open door to invasion policy is now being voted on in congress.
Now if somebody is doing something that is contrary to the security of our country and therefore violating his oath of office…this is grounds for impeachment no? Of course it won’t happen since we are in a “global economy”. Yep that is the first step the next step to tribulation is the global religion and global currency. The currency is coming very soon i bet..jsut watch.

Vox Day also puts his comments in which as usual are right on the money:

I know the many Republicans here – even those who are not the Three Monkeys variety – don’t like to hear this, but there’s no question that George Bush will eventually be proven to have been far more worthy of impeachment than Bill Clinton ever was.

The signs are all there. You just have to be willing to look at them. The President’s unwillingness to defend the southern border has nothing to do with economic growth or being pro-immigration and everything to do with the end of America in its current incarnation.