February 6, 2009 General 0

This is coming form a homosexual pastor?  Unfortunatly he doens’t know or refuses to understand what the bible says about homosexuality..the word abomination is oen of them..unnatural is hte other.  It is haggard that doesn’t know what Jesus says but more importnatly what the bible says.

Disgraced pastor Ted Haggard didn’t hold back when criticizing the Christian right during a recent interview, in which he accused the movement of acting ungospel-like and having the wrong understanding of human sexuality.

“I think the religious right is increasingly impotent right now in America,” Haggard said on ABC’s World News Sunday. “And it’s going to have to return to the Gospel in order to regain strength.”

The former evangelical leader said there is a gap between evangelical leaders and the Gospel, and stressed that the real message of the Church is that Jesus came to heal imperfect humans.

“Jesus is good news, not bad news,” Haggard told ABC’s Dan Harris.

He pointed out that the only thing the Christian right is proud of from this past election is the passage of Proposition 8 in California – a measure that overturned a court ruling allowing same-sex marriage. Haggard believes that’s “not much to be proud of.”