April 18, 2005 General 0

The Gov and the Legislature are blaming each other for various issues and failures. From the State houses that pushed their usual liberal agendas to a governor that proved to be a total RINO(he should have run under the democratic ticket) Maryland as far as i am concerned is worse off. However as one commenter says in one of the articles, But I served in public office for eight years and learned that you really can’t succeed in blaming someone else. You have to take responsibility and get the job done.” This is something neither side is doing which is politics as usual in Maryland.

Here are the articles:
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3

I will update this post with my thoughts once i have been able to thorougly read all three articles. However just from a quick glance it appears this state campaign might rival the Ann Rice vs G.W. Bush gov. race in texas a while back that became nationally known and put Texas on the map as the political mudslinging capital in the U.S. at the time.