April 9, 2005 General 0

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Slots are dead. i am not often a fan of Democrats but I have to say to House speaker Michael E. Busch: “You go dude!”

I quote the article:
“The speaker is not interested in moving on this issue,” Ehrlich told The Gazette on Saturday during a break between sessions of the House and Senate. “Everyone has tried 51 ways from Jump Street to save horseracing and move the speaker, but that has not happened.”

Ehrlich said on WBAL radio on Saturday that slots was “dead for the next two years.”

He told reporters in Annapolis several hours later that the issue would still come up, but it is less than likely the General Assembly would pass the bill in an election year. The governor also said that he plans on using the issue to his advantage as he runs for re-election next year.

“This issue will certainly play out in the 2006 campaign in a very large way,” Ehrlich said.

You betcha it will come up in the elections..to get you booted out of office! Ding Dong the RINO’S gone is the song I hope to be singing come the govenor’s elction..:)