November 20, 2009 General 0

Residents turn out in support of sheriff, staff after federal lawsuit filed – The Frederick News-Post Online.

Casa De Maryland, A non-county organization that has and does advocate for illegal immigrants to be above the law, is representing this person.

When deputies discovered a warrant from federal immigration authorities on a routine search of a national database, they brought her in, he said.

The suit, Jenkins said, seemed to represent a line in the sand for the community, which has expressed support for the sheriff’s office.

“This might be the powder keg,” he said, that could even spark a national battle over anticipated federal immigration reform, which Jenkins described as potentially being a sort of “amnesty” legislation.

Kerry O’Brien, director of services for CASA de Maryland, which is among several groups representing Orellana Santos, said deputies should not have stopped her.

Really?  SHE ILLEGAL!!!!!!  It’s pretty simple.  Casa needs to be investigated for criminal violations itself.