April 8, 2005 General 0


Impeach Bush

Mr. Phillips made some excellent points, but he falls short on one point: Our current president is no ally in our fight vs. illegal immigrants. He seeks to impugn those defending our country because they’re not on his payroll. And he has done everything to encourage the corrupt President Fox of Mexico in his fight to eradicate our borders.

Bush and his pathetic cronies in Congress should be impeached for failing to uphold their oaths. Clinton deserves every bit of criticism sent his way, but at least we knew he was a sleaze. Bush promised us he would do better. He lied.

Michael Maier

I said this same thing about Clinton. Clinton we knew was a sleaze. I had no idea Bush would turn out to be the open borders invade our country at will as long as you do not use military force person he has shown himself to be.

Dereliction of duty

While Congress is bickering, name-calling, finger-pointing, pouting and in general acting childish, the Minutemen are trying to pick up the government’s primary responsibility of protecting our borders in the interim. Their operating costs will continue to increase, however, as the out-of-control gasoline prices continue to skyrocket as the price of oil heads toward the predicted-by-some-economists $100-a-barrel mark.

The responsibility of actually running our government has been ceded to the “men in black robes” until Congress can settle their differences. The deck is also somewhat stacked against the Minutemen in that the United Nations and international law are beginning to supersede Congress and U.S. laws. Mexico seems to have become the authority regarding illegal immigrant issues. U.S. trade issues have already been relegated to Europe and Mexico. Things seem to be getting simpler for Congress.

Ken Zwick

Withdraw from world stage

Its time to bring all of our troops home. What right do we have to be the world’s policeman when we can’t stop the judicial murder of a woman here. Bring them all home and post them on the border. Should we be attacked again we’ll just go nuclear.

With an out of control judiciary, a dead Constitution, and a really do-nothing Congress and president, we need to withdraw from the world stage.

Ken Lowder

Here here! I have been saying something similar. Bring the national guard folks back. Put them on the borders. Any countries who decided to go against us withdraw our troops and bases and put those troops on our borders. Border security works like this. If you try to cross illegally you get one warning shot. If you continue to attempt to breach oour borders..you’re dead.

Border babysitters?

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that our government now sees fit to send 500 new agents to the border in Arizona. It is an outrage that it takes a group of citizens to form a watch program before action is taken by the government. My concern is that these new agents are not being sent to curb illegal immigration, but to keep an eye on the concerned citizens of the Minuteman project.

I am sure the new agents will arrest the Minutemen for any minor infraction while illegal aliens are sneaking in behind their back. I refuse to believe that the new agents are there to protect the border after our own president called them “vigilantes.” These agents are there to monitor the “vigilantes” and not the border.