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Ah yes.  If you complain you don’t know how it is supposed to work or you aren’t intelligent enough to know so trust me.  I don’t think so.  If you check out his sites they are “model” sites.  These kinds of sites simply post pictures of young girls in provocative poses or situations or dress.  They aren’t for legitimate commercial purposes.

In a phone interview Monday, Shipp said: “All people have to do is put in a request and I will take down their photo.” He said he can be reached at

Shipp said he has no children and no journalism background. He said those complaining about the postings “don’t understand how the Internet works.”

Photos of cheerleaders and students younger than 18 taken at public events were posted under the banner of Frederick .com, and They also appeared in Flickr groups tagged “PrettyFaces,” “10,” “pretty girl,” “everything beauty” and “perfect skin.”

All you have to do is look at sites that have this kind of tagging system on them.  they are either sites like shipp’s, legal but not really anything other than viewing for those interested in young girls, or outright pornography.

“The more links, the more traffic it generates to Frederick .com,” Shipp said. “If people knew how it works  they (would) understand why we’re doing it.”

I DO know how the internet works Mr. Shipp and your sites are a prelude to porn sites.  I’m not saying you are going the porn route but sites like yours are a “legal” way to get traffic while explooiting young girls.

Shipp has not been accused of anything illegal and does not have any nudity on his websites. He also cautioned that anyone could do what he has done.

Yes anyone can…and folks like us who do not want those types of photos can do what has been done.  There’s one issue.  Once those photos are out there they are out there forever now. The fact shipp has removed them from his sites doesn’t mean they are actually gone.

“Cheerleaders shouldn’t go out for the team if they’re concerned about having their picture taken,” Shipp said. “And girls shouldn’t dress in a way that brings attention to them in public if they’re not proud of the way they look.”

Does anyone see a massive red flag here?  It’s not the fact their pictures were taken it’s how they were photographed that’s the issue.  While i was not able to find many of the photos in question in the mess of them the ones i did see were not girls wearing fishnets, or exposing a ton of skin.  Most of the ones i found the girls were covered up.

via Under scrutiny, website owner removes cheerleading photos from site – The Frederick News-Post Online.