April 6, 2005 General 0

Since the leftists in our country cannot destroy our military in the courts (though they are trying)..they want to cut off the only other means our military has to gain folks..they are trying to kill all recruitment. Like all leftists they are not thinking clearly. If they are successful in killing recruitment…how is the military going to keep its staffing levels needed to protect our country? Yep..you got it..the one other thing they pontificate and whine about..a draft. Let’s see, you kill recuritment..this leads to massive personnel shortages. The military needs folks just to do basic operations and cannot get any so they have one choice left. They activate the selective service roles and draft. Guess who the first traitors to leave the country will be once this starts? You guessed it..the same leftists that killed the volunteer side of the military will be the first ones to split when the going gets nasty. Sounds like a bunch of cockroaches scattering when you turn the light on eh?