December 15, 2009 Brunswick 0

The reason is becuase the Frederick County BOCC is telling Brunswick that growth areas INSIDE Brunswick City Limits cannot be ceveloped.  Nice try guys..but you can’t do that inside Brunswick’s city limits.  unlike Rosemont Brunwick is an incorporated municipality and has rights boverned by state law.  Only if the judges decides to summarily rewrite the law is the county going to be able to do this.

Rosemont, Knoxville and others are not incorporated so they relaly can’t do much..the judge may not see it that way though.

Municipalities across Frederick County plan to challenge a new county ordinance in court, according to the local chapter of the Maryland Municipal League.The ordinance, approved in November, will apply development restrictions related to school capacity on newly annexed properties.

via Towns, cities intend to sue county over new growth ordinance – The Frederick News-Post Online.