December 27, 2009 General 0

This isn’t even the best part.  Read the entire article.  If i could fly without rupturing my eardrums i wouldn’t due to the insanity of “gov’t security” which is a total joke.

Let me make myself clear: I am very interested in not being blown to smithereens by some Islamic Nutjob who believes his personal path to a bunch of virgins lies in killing “infidels.”

But let me also be very clear: It is not little grandmas, 40 year old white businesspeople, or families with a couple of young kids (all of whom have the same, non-muslim or arabic last name) that have or are attempting to blow up airliners.

In this case said nutjob recently visited a place known to be a terrorist hotbed, we knew he was there, and even more damning, the NSA knew he was on the plane before it entered American airspace – yet that flight was permitted to proceed all the way to Detroit where he tried to set off his device (and it failed to detonate, most likely because he was tackled by another passenger, thank the Christian God!)

Even better, this jackass' name is “Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab”. Is that your first clue that there's a materially higher risk that he's a terrorist than, say, “Sam Smith”?

The American people have been subjected to outrageous and insane restrictions and inconvenience with regards to air travel since 9/11, all in the name of “improving security.”

via Starve The Beast: Airlines – The Market Ticker.