April 6, 2005 General 0

There are some great letters at World net Daily today. I am reposting my favorites:

Coverage of pope lacking

I read your e-zine daily or even more. However, I must comment on the fact that coverage of the death of the pope is nearly half way down the page, instead of large-font breaking news at the top of the page.

He is after all, not simply the head of the Roman Catholic Church, he is recognized as a “world” leader. Is he “secondary” news to you for some reason?

Barbara O’ Dea

(Then this rebuttal letter which is the reason i posted the above one)

Doing God’s will

I appreciated your [Pat Buchanan’s] comments on the pope. As a 48-year-old father of six, it is disappointing that the “worldly” commentators don’t get it. The Church is not about doing what is popular, but what is the will of God.

Mike Landrigan

Nasty joke

I am disgusted with Bush “justice.” It is a very nasty joke that Mr. Burglar goes unpunished, while servicemen are being sent to prison for defending their country under hellish conditions.

This administration is a heartbreaking disappointment on so many fronts. In a matter of days:

1. President Bush commends Michael (“When is that bitch gonna die?”) Schiavo for his “grace and dignity” after Schiavo successfully completes his government-sanctioned murder.

2. President Bush curtseys before Vicente Fox (again) and condemns the brave Minutemen as “vigilantes.”

3. Sandy Burglar gets a pass (and probably a pat on the back).

4. Then there’s Bush 41 and The Impeached One reprising their “tour” to the latest earthquake victims.

I am a business attorney, and I say this: The law is a big, fat rear-end.

Edited by me for language

So, behind closed doors at the White House, is our president strutting around in a flight suit, examining the events of the past week, and saying with a smirk: “Mission accomplished”?

Alan Foster

Rat wins rat race

We charge combat soldiers who are fighting ruthless terrorists in house-to-house fighting with murder; this slime ball walks and we continue to host the contemptible United Nations.

Thanks to media like WND, Rush and Sean, people are finally starting to get it, though. I just hope it’s not too little too late.

Tim Eno


The Democrats made many people Republicans.

But when a former national security adviser steals classified documents and is let off the hook; when the president calls good people “vigilantes” for doing the job he should be doing; when a party that you have helped elect is too timid to act in appointing constitutional judges; when a governor refuses to take action to save a woman’s life … the Republicans are doing a great job of making us independents!

R.B. Cox

“God’s version of Sprint?

Let’s see. A 9.0 quake at Christmas and an 8.7 at Easter. The two holiest days on the Christian calendar.

‘Can you hear Me now?’

S. Strickland”

This is my favorite one so far.