April 6, 2005 General 0

Now that some Police State Act(known as thee Patriot Act) provisions are going to expire..they FBI/CIA wants them not only renewed but expanded.

I quote the linked articdle, “FBI Director Robert Mueller on Tuesday asked lawmakers to expand the bureau?s ability to obtain records without first asking a judge, and he joined Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in seeking that every temporary provision of the anti-terrorism Patriot Act be renewed.

?Now is not the time for us to be engaging in unilateral disarmament? on the legal weapons now available for fighting terrorism, Gonzales, for his part, told senators.”

Now is the perfect time to kill this part of the Police State Act right now. The next step is to pressure our congressman to repeal the Police State Act altogether and make them come up with something that requires the gov’t agencies to follow our constitution and communicate with each other. There is no need for them to be able to do searched without a court order.