May 2, 2010 Politics 1

This can be solved very easily obama.  Enforce the immigration laws that exist then the sates won’t have to enact tough laws that simply enforce what’s already on the books.  Arizona isn’t anti immigration it’s anti ILLEGAL immigration.  Since the dems and repubs BOTH want these criminals to vote(due to our lax voter verification..) the feds won’t do anything so it’s up to the states.  If the feds do anything it’ll be blanket amnesty renamed “immigration reform”.

From Los Angeles to Washington D.C., activists, families, students and even politicians marched, practiced civil disobedience and “came out” about their citizenship status in the name of rights for immigrants, including the estimated 12 million living illegally in the U.S.

via Anger Over Ariz. Immigration Law Drives U.S. Rallies | ABC 7 News.