May 22, 2010 Climate Scam New World Order 0

Here’s several excerpts from this article.  Of course the enviro-nazis have these politiboobs totally gamed.  It’s been shown over and over that global warming/climate change is a scam yet as usual so many folks simply refuse to think for themselves.

“I would like to thank Mirant for finding the climate change deniers who are here in the audience today,” said Councilman George L. Leventhal (D-At large) of Takoma Park.

Berliner (D-Dist. 1) of Potomac has said his bill could raise as much as $15 million from Mirant by imposing a $5 tax for each ton of carbon dioxide it produces.

Robert Gaudette, vice president at Mirant Mid-Atlantic, testified during Tuesday’s work session that Berliner’s proposed tax actually would harm the environment and drive up energy costs.

If the tax is imposed, Mirant would reduce energy production at its Dickerson plant. That would cause Maryland residents to get more of their energy from out-of-state companies that are not as heavily regulated as those in Maryland, he said.

Those companies also are charging more for their energy, Gaudette said.

He estimated that because his company would lower production at its Dickerson plant, Mirant would pay $7.5 million as a result of the tax.

Berliner said he was not taking advice on the environment from Mirant, but rather from environmental leaders.

Gaudette referred to Berliner’s bill as “more sound bite than substance.” Berliner said the comment offended him.

via Mirant carbon tax gets initial approval.