May 29, 2010 Finance General 0

Soldier in Iraq Loses Home Over $800 Debt | Mother Jones.

This is NOT an isolated incident.  There are many and a quickly growing number of incidents of HOA’s running rampant.  The problem is..they are a contract between yourself and a private entity.  since you voluntarily entered into it…there’s not a ton you can do but hope the courts overturn(which they shouldn’t).  This is why when me and my wife went looking to buy a house we would not buy one with an HOA.  This way we don’t have to worry about this.  Folks don’t buy into the HOA myth that they are innocuous.  The “benefits” they promised are nothing more than the cocaine your drug dealer will give you for free and then charge your for at ever increasing prices once you get hooked.  Stay away from the HOA drug dealers.