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This dude lived a block from me.  I saw him walking down the street one day and i figured he was new in town.  I had no other details about him though.  I feel sorry for his girlfriend and while the little infant is in heaven I hope her mother has a good church family.  Full credit for the reporting goes to the Frederick News Post.

The man charged with murder in the death of his 2-month-old daughter Sunday in Brunswick was convicted of child endangerment in a similar case in 2006 when he was living in Roxbury, N.J., according to news reports at the time.

Jason August Zirinsky pleaded guilty to charges that he failed to seek medical attention for his then-newborn daughter when she had broken bones in 2004. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

Zirinsky said at the time that the broken bone occurred when he grabbed the child to prevent her from falling off a bed. The infant was also found to have a broken rib and a broken bone in her leg, but Zirinsky admitted only to injuring her arm.

During a bail hearing Tuesday, during which he successfully argued that Zirinsky should remain held without bail, Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith called the earlier conviction “eerily similar.”

Smith said the seriousness of the crime, along with Zirinsky’s record, was sufficient reason to deny bail. He also cited previous convictions for assault, theft and drug possession.

“The brutality of it I won’t go into, but there were multiple traumas that caused this infant’s death,” Smith said.

Smith also said Zirinsky was planning on leaving the state. He said there was a moving truck at the house when police arrived Sunday morning in response to a call about the child.

Zirinsky, appearing on closed circuit television from the Frederick County Adult Detention Center, said he did not pose a flight risk and asked that Ambrose grant him bail. He said the reason for the moving truck is that he had been evicted from the house.

“I’ve never run from any case,” Zirinsky said. “I’d like bail so I can make arrangements for my daughter and be with my family in this time of tragedy.”

Ambrose said little as she denied Zirinsky’s request.

According to charging documents filed by the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office, Lexi Regina Zirinsky had bruises all over her body when police and emergency medical responders arrived at the house on West Potomac Street at about 7 a.m. Sunday.

Further examination of the child in the ambulance also revealed a bite mark on her thigh. Doctors at the state medical examiner’s office found more bite marks in various stages of healing, as well as cuts on various parts of the body, according to police charging documents. Beneath the bruises, the doctors discovered hemorrhaging in several places as well as broken ribs, documents note.

Zirinsky told police investigators the bruises likely were the result of his being too rough with the child while burping her, which he said he no longer did, as well as from her bumping her head into objects, according to documents.

But Dr. Carol Allan of the state medical examiner’s office said the child’s injuries were the result of “chronic child abuse” and were not consistent with Zirinsky’s explanations.

According to the documents, Zirinsky’s half sister, Nicole Synnot-Breeden, who lived at the residence, told investigators she had seen Zirinsky treating the child roughly, picking her up by the head in one instance, and had contemplated turning him in to authorities because of the frequent bruising.

Smith said his office is awaiting the results of further tests from the medical examiner.

Zirinsky has requested a preliminary hearing. No trial date has been set.

Staff writer Pam Rigaux contributed to this report.

via Brunswick man arrested in child’s death also charged in 2004 – The Frederick News-Post Online.