December 30, 2010 Sports 0

This isn’t just for OSu but ANY NCAA team.

Some Ohio State players who took illegal benefits will have to miss five games in 2011, but they will be allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl.

Now that makes sense. Not to me exactly. But somewhere there is a guy who mumbles a lot and whose desk they keep moving around like Milton Waddams in “Office Space” who was assigned this case and decided that “the student-athletes did not receive adequate rules education during the time period the violations occurred.”

I’m sure he even has a red stapler that he cherishes.

The violations weren’t of the SMU death penalty variety -– selling memorabilia and receiving discounted services -– but if the NCAA believes that the student-athletes involved didn’t know they weren’t supposed to do what they did, then the NCAA needs to be investigated by another governing body with psychiatric credentials and put on probation for all of 2011 and maybe beyond.

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