February 24, 2011 Anti-Americanism 0

Most of Fred Phelps’ 13 adult children are lawyers, with law degrees from Washburn University in Topeka, KS. Those that are still in the church practice in the family law firm, Phelps Chartered, LLC. Phelps himself had been disbarred in 1979 for perjury, but his children carried on the law firm. Over 20 years ago, they discovered that if they picketed AIDS funerals in Kansas, distraught loved ones would lose control, and physically attack the WBC protestors. They sued, and won. Sensing a major income stream, they started protesting full-time, hoping to be attacked.They started picketing full-time at museum exhibits, college graduations, poetry readings, rock concerts, celebrity funerals, and, of course, AIDS funerals? anywhere they could use free speech to get people to attack them.When soldiers started coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan in body bags, they hit paydirt: Protest near not at funerals of soldiers, blaming America’s decline on “,” and wait for the attacks.They raise at least $200,000 a year doing this, and probably more. They fund the picketing business with lawsuits.

via Westboro Baptist Church Scam | AngryBert.